New tv show about werewolves - "Teen Wolf"

Posted on Wednesday, June 8, 2011 under 2 comments

Lately I watched the first episode of new tv show which tiltle is "Teen Wolf". I have to say that I was surprised about it. It`s show for teenagers but I really enjoyed it. It`s modern sotry about a boy who was biten by a werewolf and he is experiencing some changes in his body. He also finds out that he has some new abilities like superhearing or extrapower. There is also a love story involved (of course:). If you have some spare time I really recommend it.

How to find your perfect gateway?

Posted on Tuesday, June 7, 2011 under 3 comments

Sometimes I wonder how it would be to wake up one day in a place that is totally strange... Would it be an old house in the village, maybe a tent in the forest... Or maybe very modern condo in New York.Currently I live in a big city where there is not that much calm places. So for me it would be perfect to find a tiny house in the village where I could be very close to the nature. While having my breakfast at the porch I could hear singing birds. It would be awesome! Where would you like to find your own spot? Post a comment :)

Lose weight and feel better because of running

Posted on Monday, June 6, 2011 under 0 comments

Did you ever think about some ways of losing weight? One of the good way is to do jogging. Yesterday I went for a run myself and I felt so good afterwards! I did at least 5 kilometers. The weather was very nice and sunny. Moreover, running keeps people fit! If you run for one hour you can burn around 600 calories. That is a good workout! Besides of jogging I also do Indoor Cycling and Krankcycling at my gym at least 4 times per week. I love being active! And what kind of activities do you do to stay fit? :)

Spend some free time in garden summer houses

Posted on Sunday, June 5, 2011 under 1 comments

When it`s getting warmer outside, it`s a good idea to spend more time and do some gardening. Unfortunately not everybody has a garden. But how would you organise it if you had one? If you don`t have any knowledge about working in garden there are many gardening classes online! Just use google and search for the closest one to you. You can also try to find garden design website with lots of plans that you could use while creating your own wonderful place. I live in a condo and unfortunately I don`t have my own garden. But I would love to... So yesterday I went to the market and I got some plans which I put at my balcony... It`s a tiny place but at least when I look at this I can find some peace... Sometimes you should just use your imagination :) Do you have any other ideas what a person who loves gardening could do without one? Just post a comment! :)

"Unknown" was very surprising!

Tonight I watched Unknown movie with Liam Neeson. After reading a review of that movie I wasn`t sure if I wanted to watch it. But finally I decided to see it. I was not dissapointed! The movie was good itself. And the main cast was not that bad! Although I thought that the main role which was played by Liam Neeson would be different than from the movie which I saw lately: "Afterlife". I expected something more from him... more action... But still - the movie was good and I recommend you to watch it. The end was very surprising! Enjoy and remember to leave your comment after seeing it :)

What is your favourite book writer?

Posted on Saturday, June 4, 2011 under 1 comments

Lately I was wondering what my favourite writer was... I have read several books and I think that the best one is Stephen King. The way he describe people and places is just amazing! Currently I`m reading one of his book: "Talisman" which is about a boy who tries to save his mother and flips between two worlds. I`m in the middle of the book but so far it`s great! I really recommend it... I will give you my feedback when I finish this book. You can post a comment and write what your favourite book is! :)